Dominos, by Brian37

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Dominos, by Brian37

Dominos, By Brian37


To say the least


Is their best


They rape entropy

And Second Law

Trying to adapt it

To their flaws


They want you focused

On the ornate

On their creativity

Doomed to fail


 I refuse

To play their game

Of yellow brick roads

Or kiss their frog


There is no prince

In absurdity

Brains with no body

Are fantasy


Hijacking buzzwords

Does not fool me

Their vacuous starting point

Is what I see


Like dominos

Their arguments fall

The emperor's cloths

Transparent to all


With fervor they shout

With doomed passion

Scrutiny their enemy

Leaves them in tatters


Their invisible friend

Is not on a table

In a lab

To be dissected


Their invisible friend

Lacks atomic weight

Or location

Or measurement


The explination

That is real

And least complicated

Is their imagination


Don't worry Ochamm

About corrupting me

There is no pyre

For us to dwell


Just hollow threats

And hedging bad bets

On invisible horses

In a fictional race


Their derby of deities

In their triple crown

Their horses all dominos

Wont leave the gate


They run to their bookies

Slapping cash on the counter

Betting on "Utopia"

With their god as the rider


Black and white dots

They prop up with glee

Only to be toppled

By reality


Then they get violent

From indignity

Demanding respect

For what no one can see


A horse named "Nowhere"

Is in every gate

Explains the bookie

A sure thing to empty your wallet





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this is pretty dope dude, i

this is pretty dope dude, i like it.


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Like that too, Brian.


Good on you.

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I love the last 4 lines.

I love the last 4 lines.

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