Debate the "childish baby moron"....................

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Debate the "childish baby moron"....................

This is a calling out to Fortunate Son, if you think I am being such a brat and childish, then you should have no problem treating me like the child you think I am.

As I have stated in the other threads and what you seem to not understand is that you are NOT the first believer I have cut to the chase with and not the only religion I have cut to the chase with.

Your problem as I have stated would be the same if you were claiming that the transporter from Star Trec is a possiblity. My response would be the same, DEMONSTRATE IT! If you could not replicate or falsify that claim, all you would have is a claim. You falsely accuse me of being hateful and childish, when the truth is your own insecurities are why you cant make your arguments simple.

LOGIC is not convoluted and observation is not complicated or magical.

When going from point A to point B point A cannot be a just a claim, it has to be based on prior established observable data beyond personal bias.

What you, like believers of all deities, past and present do is BAD USE OF LOGIC.


"A" is not established by independent verification in your case. "A" is established by popular marketing and popular belief.

A history of making claims is not the same as a history of basing "A" on established and independently verified data.

Some people make their starting position "A" to be Allah

So they could use the same bad logic you are using.

Allah=1+1=2=therefore Allah exists.

Your starting point is that a god exists. No different to me if you claimed Allah or Vishnu.

I dispute the concept from any deity claim, not just yours. We have NO evidence that a brain with no brain, no material, no neurons or cerebellum, with magical powers floats around in the cosmos everywhere and nowhere at the same time.



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