Average expectations of life

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Average expectations of life

I suppose these are the least expectations: Parents, safety, shelter, health, food? Secondary expectations: Minimum education, work, state protection? Exaggerated expectations: Wealth, high education, job security, descendants, peace, travelling? Unrealistic expectations: World peace, good economy, crime protection, good neighbours, writing a book, quick death?

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Nawww Julio.

Just some naughty sex and a new motorbike would set me up nicely right now. It's fairly subjective, this. I'm not sure crime protection or good neighbours are unrealistic and there are so many shit books out there, like the bible, that it's obvious to me pretty much any cult leader can write one if he chooses.

World peace is probably something that goes against natural selection, while a good economy is bound to destroy the entire planet through overconsumption. Maybe we should all just pull our expectations back a little bit. I'd settle for some happy pills.





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Atheistextremist wrote:I'd

Atheistextremist wrote:
I'd settle for some happy pills.


Hah! That reminds me of the comedian who complained about Viagra giving him dihorrea.

"As you can imagine, a three-hour erection isn't much of a comfort when you're stuck on the toilet with stomach cramps."

(And I myself am going to settle for a cigarette and a glass of cider.)

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