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Another Atheist


I am a proud skeptic would also happens to be an atheist.  I was raised a Chrsitan but became an atheist around the age of 14-15.  I was the first atheist I ever knew.



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        Nice to see you at the RRS.  There are meny on this site with storys like yours.  You'll hear from them.


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Hi SmileyBastard

You sound like an Aussie with the whole bastardry thing.

Nice to meet you in any case. Enjoy the forum. 

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Welcome Smileybastard.I too

Welcome Smileybastard.

I too was raised Christian but it took a lot longer for me to become an atheist though I started on the path to become one at around 22 I was well in my 30s when I would admit it.

Have fun, jump right in.

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NO NO NO NO NO...............What are we doing. We cant do this to the world. We cant take away their invisible friends. That would me they would be left without a placebo and they would actually have to think. Thinking is hard, we cant have people thinking.

Welcome BTW

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Welcome! I was an atheist

Welcome! Laughing out loud

I was an atheist years before I learned the term.

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Welcome !  Stick around and

Welcome !  Stick around and hang out with us  Smiling

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