No Escape, By Brian37

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No Escape, By Brian37

You are the leaf

Fallen to the ground

To become fertilizer


You are the animal

Who tried to cross traffic

Only to meet demize


You are alchemy

And chronology

A fallacious endevor


You are unaware

That that is

What you are


A happy neuron

Carrying the ineptitude

Of ignorance


You are credulity

Willing to take out

Others with you


You are unaware

That that is

What you are


You are destitude

In your isolatation

On the island of delusion


You are just a thought

Afraid of daylight

Afraid of scrutiny


You are dead

Unaware  you are

But you will be


You will die

And be replaced

With something else


You are unaware

That that is

What you will become


But what you cant is scape

Is that you are finite

And all hosts die


All hosts will die

And so will destroy

The home you reside




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