Banner add: "Is there a God? Click to find six reasons God exists" Bah, humbug!

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Banner add: "Is there a God? Click to find six reasons God exists" Bah, humbug!

Regarding:  from the banner add reading: "Is there a God? Click to find six reasons God exists"

The single most important preliminary question raised, that of Epistemology and standards of evidence, is simply not pursued at all, but essentially waved away as entirely personal and arbitrary! After that, every point  raised is simply false, hackneyed too.  Hence, statement  5 comes as no surprise. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Therefore, to whom is "Is there a God?" actually targeted? Surely not to genuine rational unbelievers!
1) No, complexity does not point to a deliberate Designer.  Actually, 4) natural, biological causes do indeed explain how programmed information is involved as in DNA. Where you simply sleeping in class that day?
And as for questions 2 & 3, all that bringing in God accomplishes is an non-answer by removing one unknown complexity into an even greater hypothetical unknown complexity. Simply because intelligent personality is a complex ordered phenomenon, does not logically attribute all other examples of complex ordered phenomena to the guidance of intelligent personality. Rather, whereas antirational religion explains the known in terms of the mysterious, in rational science, seeking to build and test (corroborate and refute) explanation of the hither to unknown via the known, even intelligent personality must be explained the same way as other complex ordered phenomena. And the latter endeavor remains fruitful, whereas the sheer vague supposition of Theology remains fruitless at very best.
All the above points and more are further exposited at
Indeed, penultimately, statement 5 is unsupported, and even something of an appeal to faith in disguise.
And lastly, statement 6, of questionable relevance to begin with, is even historically dubious and for the ages taken quite out of context: The Rabbi Yehoshua bar Yosef only employs first person simply because he is quoting Torah, the purported word of God, thus writ.


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 If anyone else wants to

 If anyone else wants to add to a more thorough rebuttal of Marilyn Adamson and the ad that the op is referring to I would be glad to send tons of traffic to a page about the issue.  I've been meaning to get us together to write an extensive refutation and to use my own advertisement to link people to the refutation.


If it makes you feel better, I've been running the following rebuttal ad for a few months now: