Christmas has evolved ... Celebrate !!!

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Christmas has evolved ... Celebrate !!!


well I don't know about you... but to me Christmas has evolved into something completely different, and even more  wonderful.

It is this time of year where people actually focus on others..  driven by an age old tradition started in the Netherlands.
Thank you the  Dutch..

Trees, gifts, eating, drinking, family,  lights, action... and parties, of course snow too , although subject to latitude restrictions... whoo hoo, 

Despite the label it is in fact a great time to celebrate... the humanity of  it  all !!!   
It is truly a great time...

and if you ask me about God or Jesus..
then I would have to answer..
don't need them to appreciate my fellow terrestrials ..

Merry Christmas (brand name hijacked) Everyone

Smiling Peter




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Planetary axial tilt is the

Planetary axial tilt is the reason for the season! Woohoo!


*drinks 'nog*



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All Hail the Invincible

All Hail the Invincible Sun!

(Which should turn around and start heading back north in a couple more days.  And I'm already looking forward to it!)

"Obviously I'm convinced of the existence of G-d. I'm equally convinced that Atheists who've led good lives will be in Olam HaBa going "How the heck did I wind up in this place?!?" while Christians who've treated people like dirt will be in some other place asking the exact same question."

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bpwaddell wrote:It is this

bpwaddell wrote:

It is this time of year where people actually focus on others.. 

What planet are you living on?

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