Toronto transit refuses to become vehicle for promoting illicit affairs

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Toronto transit refuses to become vehicle for promoting illicit affairs



The Canadian Press wrote:


TORONTO - Toronto public transit won't become a literal vehicle for promoting extramarital affairs.

The city transit commission's advertising review committee voted Friday to reject a massive streetcar ad for the website, a dating service for married people.

The metres-high ad would have been wrapped around the outside of a streetcar with the slogan: "Life is short. Have an affair."

Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Brad Ross said the TTC decided it wasn't in line with community standards.

"We felt that this particular ad wrapping a streetcar that would be running around the streets of Toronto encouraging people to have illicit affairs is not appropriate," he said.

The ad was flagged as potentially controversial when it came to the TTC and it was sent to the review committee made up of six transit commissioners. As of Friday afternoon Ross said he had received five of their votes - all no - which was enough to declare it rejected.

The committee also reviews any ad when five public complaints are received.

Though it lost the opportunity of a wraparound streetcar ad, the Ashley Madison Agency has already received reams of publicity due to the controversy over the potential ad.

An interview request was not returned.

The website offers an "Affair Guarantee Program" under which your $249 will be returned if you don't find someone to have an affair with in the first three months.

It promises discretion for married people seeking extramarital hook-ups, and notes charges appear on Visas and MasterCards as "AVDL Inc."

The TTC is no stranger to controversial transit ads, as it allowed atheist bus ads stating: "There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, the transit commission could not reject advertising based on religious views, Ross said, noting it also runs ads promoting Christianity.

The atheist ads generated controversy across the country and were rejected in Halifax, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, B.C., London, Ont., and Ottawa.

Toronto and Calgary approved the atheist ads.




Life is short have an affair!



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This makes me ask the

This makes me ask the question to all the athiests on the site, what is your position on marriage, affairs, love, manogamy, together forever etc...?  From my personal experience and from listening to others stories manogamy is not only dificult its unatural, love is rarely forever (life long forever), and marriage doesnt seem to work most of the time.  I would love to hear the experiences of those on the site, and be honest about what you've done/felt.   

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I'm not one for promoting

I'm not one for promoting infidelity. If I wasn't happy in a relationship, I'd say so. I wouldn't sneak around to screw other people. I have no respect for those that do.

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Relationships are what

Relationships are what people make of them. I figure so long as all involved are adults who consent, then it's fine. That includes "affairs" - so long as no one is being lied to and no one objects.


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Why, yes, I am!

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 It takes all kinds.


I had a friend in high school that liked his girlfriend cheating on him, telling him and other people she was cheating on him, and that the other guys were better than him in bed. She would frequently emasculate him in public and he liked it.


I don't even know to this day if they ever did anything with each other, besides let others know they were dating.


Anyway, I don't think that anyone has a right to judge other people's relationships. Every relationship has it's own rules that the people that are involved make. There are people that get upset if they -think- their partner is looking at someone else. There are people that get upset if their partner looks at porn, and they call that cheating on them.  And there are swingers that trade spouses. 


Everyone has their own idea of what relationships should be like. I personally think the only thing that is really important is communication, understanding, and acceptance between people involved with each other. As long as those happen I think that any kind of relationship can do alright.

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 Strictly speaking, I

 Strictly speaking, I disagree with denying ad space based on ideology.  If having an affair isn't "illegal," and enough people are paying that they can afford all this advertising, then obviously there are plenty of people who don't have a problem with it.

I wrote a piece on monogamy a while back.  Here's a link.


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