"The Big Bang Theory"

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"The Big Bang Theory"

Sitcom, based at CalTech in Pasadena, California. Seeing as how I don't watch TV, I just found out about this show, despite its 2007 debut. I've now watched all the episodes so far, and must nominate this as best sitcom in human history.

*Spoiler from season 3 episode 1*
One of my favourite moments from the series: one of the central characters; Sheldon, a theoretical physicist from Texas conversing with his evangelical mother at her home with his friends watching:
"I will spend the rest of my life here in Texas trying to teach evolution to creationists"
"You watch your mouth Shelly. Everyone's entitled to their opinion."
"Evolution is not opinion it's fact."
"And that is your opinion."
Sheldon turns to friends: "I forgive you lets go home."

*End spoiler*

Anyone else enjoy the show?

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The fellow who plays Sheldon

The fellow who plays Sheldon is a comic god.

I love that show.

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Dispite not owning a tv I

Dispite not owning a tv I have seen the first 2 seasons. Its quite good but sometimes it is has monumentally stupid moments.

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OMG ~  My husband and I

OMG ~  My husband and I never miss an episode ~ I love that his mom loves jesus..it is fun to see him rationalize with her  hahaha!

Best show on Monday night IMO

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I'm not much of a TV viewer

  except while I'm dog sitting for my brother's 3 dogs. I have seen clips of the show for up coming episodes and it always look like it's target audience is high school nerds,so I always changed the channel,but next week I'll make sure that I watch a episode,it sounds good  

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