OK...Here Goes...

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OK...Here Goes...

I'll start out by apologizing for my lack of (or complete absence of) computer and keyboard skills. This, more than anything has stopped me from doing anything like this before. I can't type, and think, at least not with any sort of speed or accuracy, so I plan on doing more reading than posting. I enjoy seeing that many people have the same views as myself, and look forward to all that I might learn. I have been an atheist pretty much all my life. Even though I was raised in a catholic family, I could never quite accept this "god" thing who seemed to be a complete screw up on a good day. And the "good days" were few and far between. And so, a little about myself: My hobbies are bicycling ( a lot) and building and paddling kayaks (a lot) and a little wood working and hiking. I like to read, mostly history and science and science fiction. (Issac Asimov and Anne McCaffery)  If these ramblings make no sense at all, it's because I've been listening to Geddy Lee's "My Favorite Headache" and Porcupine Trees "Fear of a Blank Planet" at extremely high volume for a long time. (attention NoDiety; My favorite rock and roll group is also RUSH)


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If keyboard skills were a

If keyboard skills were a requirement the Internet would be a very quiet place. Sticking out tongue

So: Welcome, heathen!

Big E wrote:
Why, yes, I am!

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Hi there Airmech


Nice to meet you. We share a surprising number of hobbies. 

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Welcome.I think you'll find


I think you'll find that we have the best of every world here: People that make one feel stupid, People that make one feel superior, People that just generally make one feel good about life, and people that wouldn't fit in if the place was molded around them.

Typically, we try to keep them all because it is almost a civic duty to keep them occupied here rather than floating about unchecked in the internets all willy-nilly.

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Hi there!  You shouldn't

Hi there!  You shouldn't worry about your typing.  Most people these days have completely forgotten how to punctuate, nevermind spelling, diction, syntax...

Anyway I'm new here too but I hope you enjoy it as much as I have so far.  Smiling

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I was always a slow typer myself. Practice will make you faster!!!

So comment away Smiling

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Hi Airmech! Welcome ~ have

Hi Airmech! Welcome ~ have fun  Smiling

Slowly building a blog at ~


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Well hello airmech. Welcome

Well hello airmech. Welcome to the forums.


Your keyboarding skills seem fine to me. Using the enter key a bit more often might help to keep stuff organized but whatever.


Even so, let me introduce myself.


I am employed as a psychiatric social worker. Basically, I fix broken people.


Past that, I am an active musician playing bass and synth. I come from a family with a standard that if you are tall enough to stand in front of the stove you are old enough to start learning hos to cook, so I have twice as much experience as anyone you may see on the food channel.


You mentioned biking. I used to be an extreme mountain biker. The operative is that I used to be. Today, I have so many permanent injuries that I am fully sidelined. I can still do the Huffy toss but I cant really do single track anymore.


Today, I have moved on from stuff that I can't do anymore and I am an amateur astronomer.


As far as my atheism, I go to the Dawkins level 7. The concept of god is bullshit and fully void.

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Thanks to all for the welcome.

Sorry to hear about your biking injuries. I've always ridden on the road and have done very little mountain biking.

I would think that astronomy is a lot of fun. I just finished the National Geographic article "Are We Alone?" Over 370 exoplanets and rising. How long before we find one with life? (even in our own solar system) I wonder what religions reaction to that little bit of news will be?

If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the clergy. Marquis de Lafayette.

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Welcome,  airmech.I too

Welcome,  airmech.

I too like biking. My current machine is nominally an ATB, with full suspension, road-suitable tires, and hydraulic disk brakes.

I do ride mainly on the road, but like to be able to follow a forest track or cross a field when I want to.

I'm into photography, and have a fancy backpack which can hold all my photo gear and allows me to swing it around in front of me without having to take it off, so I can stop and quickly grab photos of interesting things and views I see on my ride.

I also have done a bit of kayaking, altho not so much recently.


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