AP news article slanted against atheist activism

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AP news article slanted against atheist activism

 AP news article slanted against atheist activismAP news article slanted against atheist activism


AP news article slanted against atheist activism

"The national religion reporter for Associated Press, Eric Gorski, apparently motivated by an increase in the number of campus affiliates of the Secular Student Alliance "from 80 in 2007 to 100 in 2008 and 174 this fall", authored a recently published article titled "Atheist student groups flower on college campuses". The news article is well written and presents facts about atheist campus clubs with a neutral, even sympathetic, tone. Yet the article's selection of quotations and focus also has a pronounced bias against non-establishment of monotheism activism. Mr. Eric Gorski selected quotes from atheists that promote the article's underlying theme that confrontational activism and anti-religion sentiment are positively correlated negatives, in contrast with a more cooperative, and therefore positive, example of activism disliked by anti-religion atheists that focuses on other general concerns of liberals (in this case more civic equality for gays)...."


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Interesting article

Good to see the number of atheists openly increasing.

As far as religious and non-religious groups co-operating sometimes... I think it's a good idea, much as I dislike religious groups. If a worthy active movement needs support it is worth joining sides to give it more attention.

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