Manhattan Declaration

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Manhattan Declaration

 Has anyone had a chance to read through the Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience

Here is an article from the Washington Post regarding the declaration. 

My first pass through what is written has me wanting to read it again and dig into some of the language used. There is mention of 'all faiths' and 'non-believers', these words used as they apply to bringing groups together in a desire to rid the world of the lack of respect of human life ~ all the while pushing a Christian agenda...



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Love your Brother



The godly are using this form of words to widen their apparent front and to make it appear that their contestable moral position is in fact the default position of the entire community. Right to choice is how it should be.

I've gone through a pregnancy termination once with my partner for various reasons and we have have been pained over it ever since - but it was and should remain personal.

As for hooking gay marriage to right to life - well I'm simply fucked if I know what that's all about.

Any pair of idiots can walk down the aisle and procreate, as the burgeoning population of the charismatic church constantly reminds us.

You have to love the separation of god and state. Imagine if things were the way they used to be. There'd be witch burnings, gay floggings and all sorts of rot. The church is immoral. It has always failed to uphold

the best parts of its own doctrine and its leaders suffer from a terminal failure in their perception of irony. Except catholic priests, of course, who sometimes take things too literally.



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Well, that document is so

Well, that document is so fucked that I simply do not have time to deal with it properly before bed.


However, two points stood out right at the beginning:


In Europe, Christians challenged the divine claims of kings and successfully fought to establish the rule of law and balance of governmental powers, which made modern democracy possible.


bring compassionate care to AIDS sufferers in Africa


Hence the reason why the pope told Africa that using rubbers would encourage people to fuck more and since it is a fact that fucking spreads AIDS, then condoms causes AIDS.

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