Presentation about the historicity of Jesus in NYC Nov 19

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Presentation about the historicity of Jesus in NYC Nov 19

 New York City Atheists


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Was Jesus Invented By a Committee?


Prof. Brancazio Separates the Myth from the Man


Did Jesus really exist or was he invented? How much of the Jesus story is true and how much is a fairy tale? If he existed, what did he really say—and could this have gotten changed over time into the overzealous stories we now know?


For Professor Peter J. Brancazio, author of “The Bible From Cover to Cover,” an excoriating book that strips bare the inconsistencies and fabrications of the bible, there is no doubt that someone like Jesus historically existed, though he admits there’s very little written evidence for it.


“I think his message is so radical that there had to have been a historical Jesus,” says Brancazio. “If he wasn’t real, somebody had to have said all those things.”


What Was the Real Message?


But what has happened to Christ’s message? “A lot of what Christians believe about Jesus Christ was actually developed 100, 200 or 300 years after his death,” says Brancazio, who will trace how Jesus was transformed by the early Christians into the son of god and a member of the trinity.


It was all done by committee, he insists: “All of the attributes that Christians presently believe about Jesus—the trinity, being the son of god—were actually created by church conferences where people basically voted on what was to become canon.”


But, adds the professor: “What was Jesus’ actual message? What did he really say to people and did this get transformed over time?”


Scientist Turned Bible Scholar


Dr. Brancazio was chosen by Newsday as one of six “Great Teachers in New York” in 1990. He taught for 35 years in the Physics department of Brooklyn College. He created, and has taught for seven years, a now-famous course called “Science and Religion,” inspired by a grant from the famous Templeton Foundation. He now teaches this course at Long Island University, where, according to Dr. Kay Sato, of C.W. Post-Long Island University, “he thoroughly amazes and delights students with his fascinating insights and in-depth knowledge.”


The professor, a scientist turned biblical scholar, confesses to having read both the New Testament and the Old Testament four times, an exhausting and critical study which inspired him to write his book “The Bible From Cover to Cover.” But it also put him in the forefront of bible debunkers and inspired a whole new career in teaching the truth about the bible and the Jesus fables.


Most Popular Speaker


Professor Brancazio is one of the most popular speakers that New York City Atheists (NYCA) has ever had. Last year, his first lecture to NYCA in May on “Demystifying the Bible” was such a success that we had to invite him back in July to demystify the New Testament too. His witty, entertaining presentation of a generally scholarly subject inspired the sell-out of his book (which is now available on


Come on Thursday, November 19, to hear the personable, dynamic professor talk about his latest debunking subject: How Jesus was mythologized over the centuries into a godhead and saintly figure, and how the man whom many Christians today worship as god may have been just a human being with an entirely different message than that which is being disseminated by the churches now.




WHAT:               Was Jesus Christ Invented by a Committee?”  a talk by Dr  Peter  

                             Brancazio, scientist and biblical scholar.


WHEN:               Thursday, November 19 at 6:30 pm


WHERE:             SLC Conference Center

                              352 Seventh Ave. (bet. 29th & 30th Sts.)

                              16th Floor


COST:                We would appreciate a donation of $5 to cover the cost of

                              the Conference Center. Unemployed exempt.




Jane Everhart

Director of Communications

New York City Atheists



Kenneth Bronstein, president

New York City Atheists



New York City Atheists Inc. is a 501C not-for-profit  association dedicated to the separation of church and state and to promoting the atheist life style and values. All are welcome, including agnostics, humanists, secularists, freethinkers, skeptics and those who are simply questioning and seeking.


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Sorry I missed this post

Sorry I missed this post from last year but to answer the question NO he did NOT exist and YES he was a fairy tale!!

Here is a post I made from another thread to expound:

You mean people actually still think Jesus walked on earth?? NO FRICKIN WAY!!

Christians keep forgetting that we have over a DOZEN Palestinian writers who lived during those 33 years the bible CLAIMS Jesus was on earth and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM ever wrote that there was a Jesus on earth AT ALL much less about any of those far fetched impossible "miracles" he supposedly performed!

Those writers were describing life and events in Palestine during that period and there was NO Jesus!!

That's it!! GAME OVER!!

Pointing to the NT or OT is pointless since that is simply theology and that exists all over the world.  95% of scripture is OUTSIDE the bible and I'm not even including the 1000 plus Native tribes!

Either Jesus never existed OR it is just like the Greek gods where they drew inspiration from someone to write a story of Zeus or Hercules even though the god they wrote about never actually existed.


Click here to find out why Christianity is the biggest fairy tale ever created!!