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Bethel Church

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This place... these people... one of the few places that can actually make my skin crawl. It disgusts me what they do there, not that anything illegal is occurring, just what they think they have accomplished. They ACTUALLY think they have cured people of mental/physical illnesses yet I suppose this is nothing new as there are people who believe they have done the same all over the world. I find those people JUST as ridiculous, the difference being that they don't live 5 minutes away.

Bethel is, though. The Bethel "kids" (usually twenty-somethings) also can attend the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and people flock from various countries to attend this "school." Usually most are nice though they will pray for/with you every chance they get, though they LOVE talking with Atheists since they're so unbelievably naive about non-theism. But their church has everything the stereotype could ask for... yes, one of those ones complete with rolling in the aisles and talking in tongues.

What's the worst part though? They feel our city is a religious "hot spot" where God wants Bethel and its members to grow and share the "message." No, I am not kidding. They seriously want to take over the country one believer at a time and they believe it all starts here. Here? Seriously? Have they even lived here for longer than 5 seconds? Sheesh! Our next door neighbors, in fact, are "students" there... from Norway. I've never been more proud of the "Evolve" sticker on the back of our car! It's a good thing we're moving... only 15-20 minutes away, but it's further than down the road!



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It sounds very much like

It sounds very much like they are adding to the delusional nature of a lot of the nuttiness religion has to offer.

How can not believing in something that is backed up with no empirical evidence be less scientific than believing in something that not only has no empirical evidence but actually goes against the laws of the universe and in many cases actually contradicts itself? - Ricky Gervais