Whitefox on New York Blog Radio Sept 30th 6pm to 7pm

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Whitefox on New York Blog Radio Sept 30th 6pm to 7pm

The topic being discussed tonight will be restricted to escatology. End times prophecies and prophecies in general of the Bible.  If any one calls in please respect that it is not an Atheist vs Theist debate tonight. Howeve I am sure at some point one can be arranged.

Please look at my blog if you want to listen in or perhaps join in.


The stuff you need to peruse and know is there that I will be talking about.

The link to the show is there as well.

I am thankful for you guys. Even though I don't visit much these days to your forum. I am still writing the answers for Rook. they will take the form of a comments in a Bible I am putting together to go up against the Skeptics Anotated Bible. You can read John's gospel so far.  I haven't yet addressed all the Skeptic questions. But will do so shortly. You can see that at this link as well to http://icctruth.blogspot.com

God Bless to those that wish it on themselves,


God says "Come let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet you shall be white as snow."
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