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Gnostic Podcast

Hey guys.

Over a year ago I found a podcast on the internet about Gnosticism. The last time I listened to the show was about that same time. I don't remember the name of it, but I do remember that the host called himself "Abraxas," interviewed people about gnosticism, and discussed the esoteric, Kaballah, and early Christianity. It was very interesting, and I really want to listen to those shows again. I've squeezed ever last drop out of Google, but to no avail. So, I have turned to you guys. I figured someone on here would know about this show, or at least remember the name of it. When I downloaded  the show, all the shows we're made available for download (probably 60 or so, but I really don't remember). For some reason I remember downloading all of these shows from the Free Thought Radio site, but if that is where I got them, they are no longer there. I'm really hoping at least one of you remembers the name.

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 LOL, he was a friend of

 LOL, he was a friend of mine.  The show was called "Beware of God" and I was on it quite frequently, years before RRS was formed.


Hopefully this archive will help:


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