How to ban the catholic church

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How to ban the catholic church



I want to collect ideas, how to ban or smother the catcholic church forever.

I think it works as an alert chain to spoil our life.



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Tamas wrote:Hi! I want to

Tamas wrote:



I want to collect ideas, how to ban or smother the catcholic church forever.

I think it works as an alert chain to spoil our life.



There is only one way to ban a bad claim, Ridicule it. Farce will always be stronger than force, even if cowards use force to ban farce.

I am not, from a governmental standpoint, for banning bad claims. I am for challenging any and all claims.

Human empathy is not about "banning" anything. It is about recognizing that no matter what one believes, we are all capable of the same range of emotions, not just the ones that make us feel warm and fuzzy.

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Tamas wrote:I want to

Tamas wrote:

I want to collect ideas, how to ban or smother the catcholic church forever.

Pass out male chastity belts to alter boys.


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No, no, no...

...a far better idea is to simply inform people about the Catholic Church.  I seem to recall a thread on this site some time back which was about Vatican complaints that educated Catholics were no longer simply going along.



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OK, I think that it is

OK, I think that it is a really bad idea to be banning stuff, especially if there is some form of idea or concept underlying it.


Seriously, do as Brian suggested and discuss the ideas, to the point of ridicule if need be. However, to consider banning a group because another group doesn't like the ideas that support that group is foolhardy.


Let me approach this one sideways. A couple of years ago, the script kiddies over at ED launched project chanology, which was a (brain dead upon conception) attempt to ban Scientology. Well, it never would have worked. Even if they had managed to get the IRS to reconsider the tax exempt status of the main group, they would still be out there. They would still be hawking those stupid e-meter things and taking vulnerable people for hard earned cash. And in all honesty, none of what those idiots did would have slowed down the free zone movement.


Any attempt to ban a larger, more supported religion could have met with no more success.


In any case, one simply cannot ban an idea. The best that one can do is force it underground as happened in Russia in the last century. Once the suppression was ended, the Eastern Orthodox church came back almost immediately. Hells Bells but Boris Yeltsin turned out to be a huge believer. If that does not speak volumes to the inherent futility of banning religion, I certainly do not know what does.

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 Why do so many people link

 Why do so many people link atheism and totalitarianism?  I don't get it.

I don't care to ban any church, but I'd sure love to see some real separation of church and state.  Tax them just like any other business.  Outside of that, um... how about let's just work on showing people how silly their beliefs are.

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