Atheists, you won't find God that way

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Lol, we are a demanding

Lol, we are a demanding bunch. You know, wanting evidence for illogical and non-sensical statements. We'll never learn.



BTW its bad form to just post a link with no explanation on why you think its relevant or what we're supposed to get out of it.

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 Well I might not find God

 Well I might not find God that way but that's just as well, because I'm not looking for him/her/it.

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Certainly not by thinking,

Certainly not by thinking, if Matt Slick is any indication.

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      Matt Slick  aint all that slick and never was.  I didn't hear anything new on the vid which is par for the course for Slick. I'm actually with  MichaelMcF  on this one  I'm just not looking for Slick's immaginary friends.

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Well, giving credit

Well, giving credit where it is due, one certainly cannot find god by not looking for him/it. Much in the same way that we still have not found Ossama bin Laden. However, the difference is that it might actually be possible to find bin Laden if we tried looking a bit harder.

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