This is a piece I wrote... Everyone please let me know what you think, be honest!

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This is a piece I wrote... Everyone please let me know what you think, be honest!

The Truth

Sped, spun, or whatever indication deemed fit for conversation; Well I’m spliced up, pissed off, and sick of this nation. One nation under god… How bout a nation based on fraud. Fraud, lies, and evil deception;  the war on oil must’ve gave Bush an erection because Bin Laden and gas prices have no true connection. Terrorism manipulated in the favor of misconception, pounded into the minds of the misled, self produced fear used for profit and a favorable election. But it’s okay to be confused and led astray, to fall into scams like religion and be forced to pay. Pay for your sins, pay to be gay,  pay for your thoughts, and the things that you  say. And the key to avoid hell is simply pray everyday?! I’ll let the preacher buy his own clothes and his own escalade; I’ll risk an eternity in your so-called Hell to say what I need to say. But live the life you choose, buy all these lies and agree to obey; me and my friends will get lit up in the dead of the night, just to go out and play, prey, and think of “evil” things to say. If what we say is evil, then consider the truth to be the same. If you want to hear the truth in that which is preached, then deliver the collar, I preach everyday. What’s wrong with logical thinking, like evolution and natural selection? The devils behind religion must have this scam down to perfection. If the constitution has amendments, then the bible needs some corrections. A virgin birth and even a resurrection? What an abomination, religion is an infection! The lies some choose to believe are a slap to an intellect’s face. We trust all our preachers, and in their hands our destinies are recklessly placed. It shall be the downfall of us all, an unfair genocide of a race. But the truth remains out there, for those who choose to live without more propaganda-induced fear. The truth shall set us free; the truth is our one true saving grace.


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Honestly, as I read

Honestly, as I read that, I found myself picturing a smoke filled coffee house from the 1950's and hearing the sound of bongo drums in the background. Nicely done.

NoMoreCrazyPeople wrote:
Never ever did I say enything about free, I said "free."


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Screams poetry. I couldn't

Screams poetry. I couldn't finish it, as I can't stand poetry. So if poetry was your intent, you have achieved success.
Note: Don't take my dislike of poetry as a condemnation of your poem. I literally hate ALL poetry, by all poets, in all circumstances. The fact I can't stand it is as much a compliment as anything.

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