Ouija Boards

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Ouija Boards

 Just curious....has anyone here ever used a Ouija board, and what was their experience? I'd like to hear stories from an adult perspective because it seems any story you hear is from when someone was a child, in other words cloudy memory and big imaginations.

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I once owned a Ouija board,

I once owned a Ouija board, and once attempted to use it.  I unfolded it, placed the thingus on the board, rested my hands on it, and it did nothing for a solid five minutes.  I then packed it away and went back to Sega, which at least did something.

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BB4_intellect wrote: Ouija Boards

  I realized when I was 12 that it was nothing but a bullshit marketing scam,cause I watched my friend older sister and two of her friends use it ( they were all 17 yrs. old ) and they all swore that it was some kind of magic tool, and I remember thinking that they were all a bunch of idiots,and they're grown-up brains was playing tricks on them . And to think,that at one time I thought that they were so cool.  

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Oija Boards

They are a great way to hook up with highly strung young ladies. Just add alcohol and mood lighting and some props.


Yay, teenage naughtiness!


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Ouija Boards are bullshit

They started back in the late 19th c. spiritualist craze as a way to hold your own seance. About the time that died out Sigmund Fraud started another craze and it became a window into the subconscious which he invented as part of his scam. Since then it has been a little bit of everything to everyone but still bullshit.

I seem to remember a trivia factoid that Ouija boards and Monopoly games are the most common unused things of their kind kept in homes in the US and have been for decades and thus the most common for all homes. Other things depend upon when you set up housekeeping such as if it was in the 70s you have a fondue pot stored away some place that you might use some day.

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Never owned one, but I did

Never owned one, but I did participate in using one once. I was maybe 10. I remember that I was not impressed, and the experience became one of many nails in the coffin for supernatural bs.

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Bullshit sums it up, not

Bullshit sums it up, not much to say other than that.


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Brian37 wrote:Bullshit sums

Brian37 wrote:

Bullshit sums it up, not much to say other than that.


And just what has bovine excrement got to do with it?

Haven't P & T got a copyright on the word?

Sorry (not!) for not taking the question seriously...

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