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Jesus Freaks

Hey, my name is Jason. I’m new here. I live in West Virginia. If there are others who live in West Virginia. Around Charleston and Logan. I would like to chat. Its Christian mania around here. I’m the only Atheist around here I know of. Anyway, I just got through watching “Jesus Camp”. It just goes to show that theist have go to great lengths to keep their beliefs alive. By scaring and brainwashing kids for their religion. Am I the only one who gets mad watching this non-sense? They are (and are happy to admit) building an army to fight a war to “take this country back”. And “put this country back on track to god”. These people are the ones who bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors. And they are recruiting at a very young age. They are willing to do anything in the name of god. Because they “know” Jesus is “coming back for us”. What are we doing to counter this. Because like the movie said. The want to end democracy! They don’t believe people should have equal rights. They want to build a theocratic government. Possibly something like Iran’s government where the church runs the state. These beliefs are dangerous! And they have the nerve to criticize Islam. Christianity and Islam are equal as far as I can see. At least as far as danger and fanaticism goes.

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 It will never get that

 It will never get that extreme. 

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Hi ! Welcome to the machine

  Yes,I know what you mean about this Jesus Camp video,it makes me sick to see these kids being indoctrinated.And then we got this religious bullshit being push on the soldiers and we got a prayer breakfast at the White House and the "Family"pushing their crap on politicians and put "In God We Trust" at the Capitals entrance,like it ain't bad enough that we have it on our money(1954) instead it should read "In Total Domination We Trust" all of this hypocrisy in a secular country is really disgusting. 

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Welcome! I think you'll find

I think you'll find most people, fortunately, despise the people doing that crap, even other christians.

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Welcome to the forum!Jesus

Welcome to the forum!

Jesus Camp made me sick to my stomach, but I'm comforted by the fact that a coronary will claim that woman's eternal soul long before she gets her porky fingers on my Constitution. I thought the guy that showed up halfway through the movie was much worse. What a snake in the grass.


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Welcome to the forum!I don't

Welcome to the forum!

I don't know if there's anyone from West Virginia on here, but there are lots of intelligent people to talk to.



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Welcome! I couldn't even

Welcome! I couldn't even make it through watching Jesus Camp. It's so far from anything I consider reasonable that I had to stop it.

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 Hey there!You know, since

 Hey there!

You know, since we're on the topic of Jesus Camp, I find it downright comical and yet scary and the same time that they are the ones claiming that we, as secularists, are the ones to be feared and to "hide your children from."

Gawd I can't remember his name, but there was a guy speaking with Bill Mahar about this very subject. He put it in a very point blank matter that the extremists they're intending to fight with cannot be "out-fanaticized." They feel as though they're waging a holy war -- good versus evil beyond that of our physical realm.

That's why it's not a matter of: "Why can't we all just get along?"

Some religions will never be able to "get along." For as long as Religion A exists it will always hate Religion B. And religion B formulates camps like these in order to try and outdo Religion A. And they wonder why most non-theists say religion is toxic...

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Their numbers are dwindling every day.
Unfortunately they will likely never, ever totally disappear.

As long as there are dumb asses there will be snakes more than willing to take their money and build power upon them...


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