"Scientific Tests" prove Vatican bones are St. Paul's

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The guy was beheaded, so even if the guy posed for a portrait (which is a rather absurd idea to believe), even the notion that facial recognition would be possible is absurd.

They have no DNA from any relatives.

They would not know who or where the bodies of the parents of the "tested body" could be found for a comparative DNA analysis.

Could it be the Church has come up with another leap of faith for mass consumption by their moronic followers?

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Monday marks the end of a

Monday marks the end of a year of celebration in honor of the 2,000th anniversary of St. Paul's birth. It also happens to be the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul.

10/10 for their marketing team.

How can not believing in something that is backed up with no empirical evidence be less scientific than believing in something that not only has no empirical evidence but actually goes against the laws of the universe and in many cases actually contradicts itself? - Ricky Gervais

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So, let me get this

So, let me get this straight. There apparently might have been some uncertainty on the matter before but now there is not. So what could possibly cause the uncertainty? Something like whether the Romans bothered to keep track of the graves of executed criminals for at least 250 years? One of the reasons that we know so much about the Romans Empire was because they were fairly good at keeping records – but about that, I would be skeptical.


Anyway, the whole matter has been cleared up thanks to some carbon dating that seems to be accurate to about a couple of centuries or so. Either that or Paul live that long, which is highly improbable. In any case, I see two problems. First, they would not allow carbon dating of the shroud (I suspect that if we could read the Vatican archives, we might find out that they knew all along that it was a forgery). Second, the best labs can get carbon dating at that range accurate to about 25 years and even the labs that are only good can get a date down to about 40 years.


So we have suspect dating of a suspect grave that puts the bones in a suspect date range. Yah, that clearly proves that this is the real grave.


Even so, what is this about the catacomb of Saint Tecla? I could have sworn that the early church did everything possible to erase her from history because she was possibly Paul's girlfriend.

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