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Ads on your site

I'm a recent visitor to your site (linked thru Christopher Hitchens) and I like the site in general, but I have to ask this:  Do any of the administrators pay attention to the sponsored google ads that are displayed?  I find it a bit contemptible and more than a bit hypocritical that you main page includes such links as "Learn to Rapidly Heal Yourself" through the "Conscious Art of Living Well" (self described holistic medicine) when your "irrational precepts" page states that holistic medicine is an "irrationality we should seek to eradicate from the earth."
Does anyone, member or admin, care to comment on this?

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I have a comment. Oscar

I have a comment. Oscar Wilde said:


"Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching."

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 Wow dude.  Welcome to the

 Wow dude.  Welcome to the site.  We've actually addressed this question about ten times already.  It's quite simple.  Google, in their ultimate wisdom, only allow us to ban 200 advertisers from our site.  Trust me.  We've banned the 200 worst theist offenders.  The problem is that for every atheist/freethinker/rationalist advertiser out there, there are five hundred theist/woo-woo/new age advertisers or more.  Probably more. 

Problem number two comes from the fact that we have to have money to run a site, and despite the minor pain in the ass of having to look at Christian ads, the revenue from Google Ads is enough that we keep them around.  Hell, I have the power to run the site on my own computer without any ads at all, and I don't.  It would speed things up for me considerably, but I leave the ads there so that my clicks are helping to generate revenue to keep us going.  You'd be surprised how much it costs to keep this much bandwidth up every month.

If you're interested in getting us to the point where we don't need the ads, we have very reasonable membership plans as low as $3 a month.


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I just use Firefox add-on ad

I just use Firefox add-on ad block. I'm tired of the "get a toned abs" or "a massive erection in seconds"  ads.


I just hate ads in general.



And speaking of bandwith, there are 1-3 year old topics that are taking it up.




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Welcome to the forum.I

Welcome to the forum.

I understand why you find it hypocritical, but ultimately, the administrators don't have much control over what ads are displayed. It's mostly based on content. If you type transsexual, black, Jewish, national socialist dating sites one thousand times in this thread, that's probably what will be displayed. 

Hambydammit wrote:

We've actually addressed this question about ten times already.

It feels like a thousand.


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butterbattle wrote:It feels

butterbattle wrote:

It feels like a thousand.




Over Nine thousand





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Never the less...



   I think that this issue needs to be brought up front quite often to inform all newbies,... and welcome aboard...  of the need for the money to run this site.