" The Worst is not Over"

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We're going down the

We're going down the shitter.

Obviously, virtually no one knows it.

Give it only 15 years before the bulk of the boomers have no job, no savings, no private medical, no pension plan, and have finally realized that the best medical insurance plan will be one that provides you with a gun and 2 bullets (the 2nd bullet is for the pussies that miss the 1st time.)

That will be REALIZED as the beginning of the end.

As is typical, everyone that's work9ng is in thei own bubble.

Soon that is going to change radically in that the largest voting block will be senios having far more to bitch about than any previous group of seniors.

Don't get me wrong...

That will not result in the radical change in our political and economicsystem that is now required.

By the time anyone even MIGHT consider what WAS actually required to have turned things around, it will be far too late.

I do not predict this country
can OR IS WILLING to effect
the necessary radical changes that could turn things around
for at least 2 centuries and I believe that is a best case scenario.

Presently, we're living on borrowed time and money. It's a fantasy, and what's worse is the fools that keep electing Reps and Dems are clueless, whereas the highest elected officials DO KNOW exactly what''s going on, and
their job is to play the game.

So it goes. This country and its population truely suck.

Ken G.
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treat2 wrote: we're living on borrowed time and money.It's a -

 - fantasy and the fools are clueless. Yes indeed,it is a fantasy,like a Potemkin village,houses with a white picked fence and kids playing in the yard.It all reminds me of two books by Noam Chomsky "Necessary Illusions"and"Manufacturing Consent".And just think, we believe that we have freedom,it's all propaganda ! 

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