Rush Limpdick "Cheny" is the last true Republican.

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Rush Limpdick "Cheny" is the last true Republican.

Rush is much like the squashed insect whose flailing legs twitch.

I respect the turn away in the Republican party in the RNC chair Steel, Colon Powel and even McCain's daughter, and even Cheney's daughter realize the tide ahead.

To cling to antiquated debunked social issues which when the wallet is pinched get put on the back burner every time, should say to both parties, stop trying to legislate morality, and start providing economic playing feilds that benifit all classes.

"Answers in Gene Simmons" is a staunch Republican and an atheist. But he couldn't get ellected. Not because he might have good ideas. He cant get ellected because the party he supports sees him as merely a token and not a potential leader.

If a gay atheist could balance the budget and create ONE tax, eliminate the convoluted tax code, and create jobs here in the US for the working class. Retards like LIMPBONE would reject it merely on the issue that a fan of Jesus didn't present it.

Limpdick fans think all social liberals are against wealth.

NO DIPSHIT! BTW the video of you jumping up and down resembles more of a monkey than any cartoon!

I AM NOT AGAINST WEALTH, I am against the attitude that one size fits all and that people of wealth are moral merely because of that.

We live in a 3 class system and just because someone says, "value the poor" is not a demand that all people be poor. It merely means that we should not pit ourselves against each other and let government divide us.

If Rush were to walk into the restaurant I worked at I would spit in his food. He conflates hard work as being an absolute. In reality, including natural evolution, hard work has the same weight as LUCK. He got lucky. I am sure that he put in tons of hours. But for every "Rush Limbaugh" who ends up making 500 mill a year, there are a vast more of people in radio who put in just as many hours who remain local and low paid.

MONEY in the end, only impresses those who seek it. Morality in the end impresses those who demonstrate it. Money does not define morality anymore than blue describes plexiglass.

Rush, suck my dick. You are Marie Antoinette. It has nothing to do with your wealth. It has to do with you thinking that everyone wants to be like you, and as such, you revert to hording because it coddles your insecurities.



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