Religious “activists” who use disasters to promote themselves or their beliefs

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Religious “activists” who use disasters to promote themselves or their beliefs

   So down here in Texas we’ve had our first case of a death from Swine Flu.
Now, when you have something like this or similar, you’ll always have that individual who is a bible pounder take the opportunity to say that this is “God will.”  
  The bible pounder will then go on to state that this is “God making us pay for our sins..”  You know, the “Gays” for their lifestyle, those “adulterous” individuals, “free sex”, no social morals and what else is on the list for that day.
  What is your take on individuals who take such events and use them for their religious agenda?  

 Do they really believe in what they are saying? 

 Are they just trying to get attention?

 Or are they hoping to be like a religious version of “Joe the Plumber?”

  Or do you believe they have another goal or objective?

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This is nothing new.

This is nothing new. Fuckwell and Robertnuts blamed 9/11 on gays and abortion rights advocates.

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Those people (no wait can't

Those people (no wait can't call them people, it's an insult to normal people, lets call them assholes) are scum of the earth. They use disasters to promote their religion. They prey on people's misery for their own egoistic goals. They are scum.

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My favorite example of a

My favorite example of a self serving blowhard using nature to sell subscriptions was Franklin Graham blaming Katrina on the hedonistic practices in New orleans...Of course what Chip off the Ole Blockhead forgot to mention was that Borboun street...the center of New orleans debauchery (and incidentally, one of my favorite spots on Earth) remained relatively untouched...and the people who god punished were the poor folks in the outlying areas...

Maybe god's aim sucks...

Not fer nothing...Have any of these self serving Jizzbags ever noticed a little town in Nevada called Las Vegas?

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We just had a confirmed case

We just had a confirmed case of swine flu in the county I live in. Smack dab in the middle of the bible belt. I swear if there is a town of 200 around here there are 3 churches. I have heard it blamed on everything from gays to not putting enough in the collection plate. To see the looks on the faces of these people while they are saying this, the look of someone who feels like god won't give them this disease because they aren't gay, is just frightening. If you want to see this nonsense firsthand, just take the short drive to Pontotoc County, OK. I always have a spare bed, and I am not charging admission to this sideshow (yet).

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