Ecological FootPrint... Whats yours?

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Ecological FootPrint... Whats yours?

Just some no doubt highly inaccurate test I found, but I enjoyed it  It tells you how many planets it wouls take to sustain you lifestyle if everyone inthe world lived like you do.


whole point of the test is to no doubt guilt trip you into usingless but oh well its done nicely.

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It would take about five

It would take about five earths to sustain me, apparently. I always figured I was too big for just the one earth.

One thing bothers me about this: we're all in it together. It's not about what someone's individual footprint is, it's the unnecessarily long-range infrastructure we have going.

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I'll take it when Canada

I'll take it when Canada shows up.

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I call BS!! It only gave me

I call BS!! It only gave me 3.2!!!

I'm a 200+ lb guy who eats a shitload (hopefully not literally) of junk food to maintain a lifestyle of frequent weight lifting and kettle bells and frequent quarter and half marathons.  I'm a walking, jogging, huffing puffing polution machine.  I probably exhale twice as much carbon as the average person.

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3.6 earths for me.

3.6 earths for me. Apparently I'm some sort of light weight when it comes to using resources. I rarely drive my car and I never fly on planes or use trains. That probably lowered my score. But apparently I use a lot of land according to that. As someone who has three roommates, I don't understand that. Perhaps it means that a lot of land is used to make crops that I eat.

I'll rectifiy this situation though. I pledge to drive more, eat more beef and slash and burn some old growth woodland.

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