Legislation AGAINST the Tithe

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Legislation AGAINST the Tithe

Legislation AGAINST the Tithe
I reckon there should be worldwide legislation against this religious ABUSE of preaching and coercing religious victims to give money to churches!
The preaching of the biblical Tithe is to me an INSULT and a terrible misdemeanour of professional church leaders!
How can we stop churches’ brainwashing our children if money continues to flow into their coffers?!…

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We can

 only hope that people will snap out of this mind control system called Religion.People need to understand the importance of Science,Biology and Common Sense. We need to be pragmatic as we grow older,and dogma teaches us not to believe in ourselves,but to believe in stupidity.    PS. I remember a story of a young Thomas Jefferson, it goes something like this; Young Jefferson would see how hard his Father worked and give 10% to the church,and young Jefferson said that he couldn't understand why his Father did this,after all the church didn't do any of the work. 

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 People are free to do with

 People are free to do with their money as they like in free societies. That would be like legislating against playing chess.

If any money is being weaseled, it's by tax breaks.

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