Atheist hater gives invocation for Oklahoma goverenment.

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Atheist hater gives invocation for Oklahoma goverenment.

To bad for this dip wad, OUR FIRST AMENDMENT says "Freedom of speech and freedom of religion" AND ALSO "NO RELIGIOUS TEST"!

AND not to mention the inspiration for the First Amendment was the Virgina Religious Freedom act, written by Thomas Jefferson, whom EQUATED THE BIRTH AND DEATH OF JESUS AS BEING IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS MINERVA BEING BORN OUT OF THE BRAIN OF JUPITER".

It burn's the Christian's buttons that OUR constitution does not entitle them to a monopoly of power at the expense of excluding all others to the back of the bus.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Ugh.I'm beginning to wonder


I'm beginning to wonder if maybe we are approaching this badly, as far as some of these people go. In a certain sense, it doesn't matter one way or the other if America was founded on christian principals/beliefs/whateverthefuck. So why bother arguing the point? What matters is today, and the specific line in the constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion. Suggesting that the US should be christian because it was founded by christians would be an if/then fallacy. Much like the suggestion that because people used to throw virgins into volcanoes to appease the gods, so we should do so today.

I'll grant ahead of time that not everyone will agree with this thought, but it seems like an acceptable alternative strategy to use when dealing with those who simply won't accept historical facts as they are.

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