Caprica, Battlestar Galactica prequel

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Caprica, Battlestar Galactica prequel

The monotheists were not upset with the polytheists in the original BSG nor the recent reimagining. Perhaps the producton team regretted the lack of controversy.

Seems in Caprica there is a new monotheist movement using terror tactics to fight the polytheist order. They have the strange idea of a single god whose ideas of right and wrong are absolute and from which there is no appeal.

It also deals with the creation of the sentient Cylons.

It also appears the Cylons are monotheists who war against the polytheist heroes of BSG.

If this does not get it condemned from the pulpit I have no idea what will.

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I've seen it. And it

I've seen it. And it definetly won't get condemned by christians. Who cares which religion gets bashed there. The point is that whole BSG and this new series are all about religion.

 P.S. Humans ain't heroes. Cylons were.