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Hehehe. Of course, tomorrow



Of course, tomorrow is the real holiday: Super cheap jelly-bean and chocolates day! Mmmm-Mmm!

"Anyone can repress a woman, but you need 'dictated' scriptures to feel you're really right in repressing her. In the same way, homophobes thrive everywhere. But you must feel you've got scripture on your side to come up with the tedious 'Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve' style arguments instead of just recognising that some people are different." - Douglas Murray

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And the rest of Pagan

And the rest of Pagan Fertility Celebration Day to you!

(or something like that)

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You guys are killjoys! What

You guys are killjoys! What is wrong with blindly believing that human flesh magically survives rigor mortis?

You act like fans of Jesus don't have AMA peer reviewed material demonstrating this!

Happy tourture device day to you too!

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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I claim Cadbury eggs in the

I claim Cadbury eggs in the name of the Atheist movement.

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Easter is awesome because

Easter is awesome because everyone gives me candy and jelly beans.

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Rich Woods wrote:I claim

Rich Woods wrote:

I claim Cadbury eggs in the name of the Atheist movement.

I second that!

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It's too late, but I

It's too late, but I celebrated - day of cosmonautics. Smiling

It was on the same day Smiling

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mjn132 wrote:
Happy Zombie Jesus Day everyone!

The original Dawn of the Dead. And those who are infected by him eat his flesh regularly.

Then there is the 2001 Troma hit, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

Jews stole the land. The owners want it back. That is all anyone needs to know about Israel. That is all there is to know about Israel.




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Not fair. No one gave me

Not fair. No one gave me jelly beans.


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Ah yes,  Easter.  The day

Ah yes,  Easter.  The day when Christians all over the world gather together and celebrate the killing of a Jew. 


Mel Gibsons's favorite holiday.


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This has always been the

This has always been the most confusing holiday in christianity for me, thanks to my awesome government. Easter is not a federal holiday. But it can be provincially. Therefore some provinces picked sunday, some picked friday, some picked monday, some picked a combination. I lived in 3 places that did it differently. So I gave up trying to figure it out as a kid, and just enjoyed the chocolate. Laughing out loud

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