An Atheist Hymn -- new words for great old tune

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An Atheist Hymn -- new words for great old tune

Take a Smarter Walk With Me;

Atheist hymn sung to the Christian gospel tune Closer Walk with Thee Here's a sample tune:
(please help with more new lyrics!)

Take a smarter walk with me
Godless thinkers make this plea
Open up your eyes and see
Use your mind to set you free

All our gods were made by men
With strange religions way back when
We've grown up a lot since then
It’s time to sing the non-believers hymn

There’s no god up in the sky
No devil burning souls below
No angels watching from on high
Just simple folk down here like you and I

All gods are weak but you are strong
You decide what’s right or wrong
Don’t be afraid, come walk along
Don’t be afraid to sing this song

You’re no puppet on a string
You’re no simple-minded fool
You’re the master of your fate
You’re the captain of your soul

Just treat your neighbor as yourself
And show your children how to love
Live your life and when it’s done
Give yourself to mother earth