More offerings from the religion of peace.

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More offerings from the religion of peace.

Vid more or less speaks for itself.


Islam = Fun Times

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Why do Muslims hide behind misinterpreting their religion due to translating the Koran rather than admit that Islam can be used to easily support violence?  I'd have a lot more respect for it if they didn't try to hide an elephant in the room when everyone already noticed.

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What makes my brain boggle

What makes my brain boggle so much that if I'm standing I'm forced to stagger to a seat is that when I've said that such brutal, barbaric practices are indeed brutal and barbaric, I've been called an "Islamophobe" or (and this one really takes the cake) a "racist".

The world is insane.

"Anyone can repress a woman, but you need 'dictated' scriptures to feel you're really right in repressing her. In the same way, homophobes thrive everywhere. But you must feel you've got scripture on your side to come up with the tedious 'Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve' style arguments instead of just recognising that some people are different." - Douglas Murray