New Segment-Religous Injustices

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New Segment-Religous Injustices

I would like to start off a new segment where we can freely expose religous wrongdoings and oddities across the globe.  If you are reading a newspaper, and see that people have been killed in the name of it.  I believe this will be a good way to gather evidence that religion is literally killing people throughout the world in flamboyant and subtle ways.


I will start this segment off with an article I read in the Philadelphia Inquirer which explains the phenomenon of "Death Churches" in Mexico that in some ways resembles the Satanic Church, but these Death Churches are allegedly safe havens for drug cartels throughout Mexico.  According to the article, religious intolerance has spread throughout Mexico and the Death Church's various statues and shrines have been torn down because of the drug cartel allegations.  It should be noted that the Catholic Church does not officially recognize the Death Church. 


Despite my secular viewpoints, I find statues of the grim reaper to be way more appealing than a statue of Mary, falsely crying blood at night when no one is around. 


But then again, I have a fascination with the morbid.  Hope this segment kicks off well...

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This is a pretty cool idea,

This is a pretty cool idea, but the sheer frequency with which religion causes strife will doom this topic to one of two fates:

1: People will keep posting the stuff in whatever forum they want to.

2: This will quickly become the largest topic on this site. It'll take at most a month.


Going for number two, as that option will create a wealth of examples of religious injustice and persecution located in one link, I submit:

Christians and Moslems fucking each other over, and the rest of us in the process.

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 I've got a friend that

 I've got a friend that runs a site dedicated to posting news articles and cartoons showing just how insane and ridiculous religious people are,


Worth checking out for a ton more news stories from all over the web.