A Beka Book

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A Beka Book

I got a kick out of their website. It's a series of extremely dumbed-down textbooks for students of "Christian excellence." Just another reason why Christian education is bizarre, as if we needed another...

This is an ACTUAL homework assignment for a SENIOR in high school. Get those parental initials down! When I was a senior, we read Lolita & Crime and Punishment. What is this garbage?


There's even a Bible doctrines kit for 10th graders! Oh boy! Because 16 isn't old enough to have your own ideas, no sir.

"Children are what they read. They need Christian character-building reading materials from the very beginning. Phonics is employed as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. A Beka Book readers are the finest available anywhere. Our beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written readers present a strong Christian emphasis coupled with a sound phonics approach to teaching reading. Stories are carefully selected for interest, readability, theme, and Christian values. Scripture verses help students to see that the character traits taught by the stories are those which are exalted in God’s Word. Questions throughout guide students in comprehension of reading material and help them to apply Christian principles to their lives."

Start up that brainwashing young! oh, and the following image (I KID YOU NOT) is actually titled "Little Asian Girl in Pink" LOL


*Our world is far more complex than the rigid structure we want to assign to it, and we will probably never fully understand it.*

"Those believers who are sophisticated enough to understand the paradox have found exciting ways to bend logic into pretzel shapes in order to defend the indefensible." - Hamby

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Get them while they're

Get them while they're young, and when they grow up, they'll be warriors for Jesus.

I was curious about what kind of textbooks they had, so I did a little search and found this. You can see that they're not even pretending to be objective.

beka book wrote:
Investigating God's World

This text leads students from the known to the unknown by teaching important science concepts within the context of things they see and know. The aim is to help students understand basic principles of science rather than merely teach them science vocabulary. The world is presented as the creation of God and glorifies Him as its Sustainer and Upholder. The text introduces great scientists and naturalists who believed in the Biblical account of Creation, and where appropriate, it refutes the materialist's faith in evolution. Students learn about plants, animals, matter, energy, light, minerals, and more. Review questions, activites, and demonstrations make this a thoroughly teachable text.

I wonder how many conceptual errors these books contain.

Edit: "naturalists who believed in the Biblical account of Creation." Lol, naturalists.

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butterbattle wrote:beka book

butterbattle wrote:

beka book wrote:
it refutes the materialist's faith in evolution.

And, of course, it's the old "evolution and science are a religion" claim. Which is a defense that states, as best I can tell "oh yah? if we're a dumb religion then... well... uh... so are YOU!"

My favorite.

[EDIT: Fixed quotations]

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A Beka Book Error

 I can't stand their materials just because they're full of errors. Not quality control. I speak from experience. 


Produce junk, put Christian on it and Christians will buy it.