England takes the first step to a true non-proliferation act

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England takes the first step to a true non-proliferation act

England wrote:

But I believe we can and should now aim higher the only way to guarantee that our children and grandchildren will be free from the threat of nuclear war is to create a world in which countries can, with confidence, refuse to take up nuclear weapons in the knowledge that they will never be required.

I know from President Obama and the new US administration that America shares with us the ultimate ambition of a world free from nuclear weapons.

But let me be clear this will be a difficult path that will be crossed in steps, not in one leap.

Full Speech/Article Here

Could it be that after more than 50 years of living under a shadow, that we may finally see some real progress? That we might finally achieve a position that is not hypocritical when demanding other nations cease to acquire nuclear technology for themselves?

I'm not holding my breath, but I can hope.

England wrote:
Let this be a journey of hope in which hard-headed cooperation by friends who were once foes defines our modern age, underpinned by a new covenant of hope that brings us a truly global society not of enemies fearful of each other but of partners with the confidence to work together.