My Mom's Lab, By Brian37

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My Mom's Lab, By Brian37

My Mom’s Lab, By Brian37


With graying  fur

And drooping spine

A happy lick

In her decline


If she could play

In a gridiron game

With knee of sprain

She’d tape it up without complain


She still tugs

And wants to sniff

Green shrubs and sticks

The leash in tension to her whims


Her stubbed tail

Wags hello

To great the new

At her door


And with my cat

She pokes and prods

With playful batting

My feline responds


Oblivious to numbers

In repeating calendars

Her mind still young

Cranking forward


What ever rust

On that cog

Is oiled well

By attitude


 Adversity must be

A joke to her

A flee to flick

Not to ponder


When in my twilight

I hope to have

Her disposition

Of  determination


Just keep going

Just keep smiling

Just be happy

While you have time


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