Misery's Beauty, By Brian37

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Misery's Beauty, By Brian37

This poem is my postulation of what if Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe had met to commserate about their lives.

 Misery’s Beauty, By Brian37


Imagine there are no poets

It’s easy if you try

No “Cuts” leaking gas

Give art such life


Imagine if you will

A bird of black

A life of strife

A Baltimore poet

Losing his wife


Imagine if no words

Printed on the page

Speaking of  their strife

Conveying all of life


Medusa and Daddy

In blasphemous words

Convey the distain

Of the Raven’s rebellion

Against his own father


In their toils

And dark obstacles

Such lotus flowers

Bloom with grim colors


In want of love

In the face of rejection

The best art

Is misery’s companion


In a paradox

I postulate

If Plath and Poe

Met on a road



Would the tea

Be sweetened with venom

Would their love

Be works of vengeance


Would  the givers

Of their loins

Be vanquished

By such a union?


In fantasy

I speculate

If such nuptials

Had been reality


A pair of the ages

To speculate

To make Oedipus blush

In such gouging fate


The redcoats run

To consumption’s call

Defending emotions

Befalling us all




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