Fake political Pamphlet

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Fake political Pamphlet

I love the politics in South Africa, it makes me laugh. Someone has been handing out fake Democratic Allience pamphlets (political party) This is what it says.

 I won't lie this made me laugh, anyone who thought this was real is an idiot, the person who wrote it is an idiot. The warning at the end is perfect for comic effect though. Apparently it was the ANC (click link if you are interested) but who knows. What do you guys think of this kind of thing? We all know political parties will do anything to stop people voting for other parties but does this go to far? btw does this happen where you live or do they just stick to defacing each others posters?






For the benefit for those of you who don't speak Afrikaans ( not my first language so my be off)

Hierdie is ons vader se land - This is our father land or this is our (fore)fathers land. Basically this is our land (refering to the whites)

swart gevaar - black danger (popular during aparthied)

onthou een drag maak 'n maag- remember one crop make a stomach (no clue) If i were to guess i would guess it's a saying.








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No animal shall kill any other animal.
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