Common ground, By Brian 37

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Common ground, By Brian 37

This poem is about how we conquer fears, and endure the hardships of losing friends and loved ones. It is our endurance, as a species that gets us through the worst. But no matter how we placate ourselves with stoic smiles on our faces in these times, we all meet the same fate. It is not a morbid poem by any means. Merely a recoginition that the reality of finality will always trump our coping mechinisms.

Common Ground, By Brian37


Of tender age,

In twilight’s call,

Shadows haunt me

Until the dawn


Unscrupulous subconscious

Nurtured by ignorance

I cross my fingers

To avoid the sickle


It masks itself

In many ways

Of closet monsters

Cause lack of sleep


In my adult hood

My Sues refrain

Be of no match

To that of mortality


I placate myself

“It is down the road”

Yet the reaper

Is all about


I conquered

Night shadows

In ignorant youth

Still to face mortality’s truth.




"Seus refrain"


Refers to the warm fuzzy stories "Dr. Sues" we make up to convey a feeling while injecting reality. Much like the story of "Never never land" in Peter Pan,  Where the character has to grow up and accept reality.


Death is something we all face, but our ability to make up utopias in attempt to avoid the natural, is natural, yet is nothing but a youthful gap answer.


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