Darwin banned in Turkey

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Darwin banned in Turkey

The March 2009 issue of Science and Technology (Bilim ve Teknik), Turkey's prestigious monthly science magazine, published for 42 years, and distributed to 45,000 subscribers each month, was delayed by a week.

While TUBITAK - the government sponsored 'the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey'- mentioned technical difficulties for the cause of the delay, soon after it became evident that the real reason behind the delay was Prof.Cebeci, who was appointed as TUBITAK vice president and member of the Science Board (2003) of TUBITAK, found articles about Darwin "inconvenient". The magazine which had "Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution" on its March cover, was distributed after removal of articles about Darwin. Allegedly tens of thousands of copies were destroyed, and the magazine's chief editor was sacked.

AKP, the pro-Islamic party, ruling Turkey since 2002, has been systematically destroying secular values, influencing, interfering with and corrupting civil institutions that are supposed to be independent, with their sinister agenda of turning the country into an Islamic republic.

This should be a wake up call for every sensible administration around the world, who may see concessions demanded by creationists and some religious institutions innocent and agreeable.

Turkey should be a good case study on what could go wrong next, when you start giving in to creationists' and religions' demands, by compromising secular values .

Link to the original article in the 'Cumhuriyet' newspaper:

Religions poison everything -Christopher Hitchens-

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They're going to have a

They're going to have a tough time sticking with the EU if this kind of shit keeps happening.

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And then people wonder why

And then people wonder why we think that Turkey should shut the fuck up and get the fuck off.

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This is why I warn well

This is why I warn well intended people, both theist and atheist, not to promote "hate crime" laws. The government is viewing the mere challenge to deity belief as an attack on Allah.

The key in the west, is not to use government to silence critics of atheism, the key is to keep both sides out in the free market with the use of free speech. Never forget that we are out numbered, and the quickest way to shoot ourselves in the foot is to hand the majority a blasphemy law.


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I'm so glad America has

I'm so glad America has Freedom of Speech as one of our basic Civil Rights. It prevents things like this from happening. Any preference to one specific religion or race in a government is an awful thing for the country, it's citizens, and the world. Just look at the Middle East and Nazi Germany.