Rush needs to shut his f-ing pie hole!

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Rush needs to shut his f-ing pie hole!

The RNC president was right and shouldn't back down. RUSH was not elected to that position and is a complete asshole to act like he(RUSH) was the elected leader of the RNC.

Is anyone in that party going to grow some balls instead of allowing that fat bloated windbag sink that party? It is obvious that the Rush was sucking Bush's dick and still insists on clinging to the faild policies of the past. If the Republican party wants to compete, they need to ditch that albatross and stop treating him like he is a god. He is nothing but an entertainer as the RNC president said. He is a coward for backing down to Rush and that party is full of wimps afraid of telling their base they need to expand and change and adapt.

This is funny that Republicans bitch about Dems bowing to celebrities and here they are sucking the dick of a celebrity.

Hey Rush, you are nobody's god so stop fucking acting like you own the world. You are nothing but a selfish self centered fucktard. If I was the RNC predident I would have told him to go fuck himself.

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 Brian you forgot to

 Brian you forgot to mention he was a criminal drug using fucktard hypocrite dickweed. 

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Are you kidding?Rush needs

Are you kidding?

Rush needs to be as much of an idiot as he can be. As long as he's the leader of the Republican party (along with Caribou Barbie and Joe the Plumber) the Democrats are in for a long tenure.

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Given that Rove & Co. took

Given that Rove & Co. took the use of truthiness to a level of use never seen before Limbaugh actually has more credibility with the manipulated base than Steele does.  I know my family members listen to Rush and believe what he says.  Afterall he's 98% accurate - per an unpublished study that pulled that number out of his ass.  I doubt they even know who Steele is.

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