Life Is A Flurry Of Activity, By Brian37

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Life Is A Flurry Of Activity, By Brian37

Life Is A Flurry Of Activity, By Brian37

To suffer
The slings and arrows
Is quite frankly mundane

To proclaim uniqueness
In matters of the obvious
Is quite insane

To understand Juliet
Is not to make magic
Of human behavior
Needlessly tragic

A motif or story
Makes Hamlet gory
But fiction is fiction
When all atoms decay

We wave our palm palms
In tribal tradition
In defiance
Of death's intervention

If we see
What Shakespeare saw
That all are human
In the same ilk

That we are capable
Of human flaws
Of personal whims

The red suit
Or white robe
Is insufficient
For every day life

If my couplets
Or meter flawed
Of what reality
Do you ignore

It is a flurry
Describing us all
Imperfect and finite
Are we all

To argue semantics
Over the obvious
To insert magic
Is quite ridiculous

In the same passion
Is epic to Sampson
In the same fashion

I see the flurry
Humanity grabs
Ignoring finality
For utopian thoughts

I want Angelina
I want a spark
I want delusion
To have it's mark

Romeo is a dream
Just as delusional
As my fantasy
That Juliette wants me

The Flurry of utopias
Will not compare
To the bill of reality
We willfully ignore

To Shake this sphere
Of of fantasy
One must face

Of three lines
Then of for
My Stanzas imperfect
That you abhor

My critics blast
Of my design
Life is a flurry
And truth unkind

The poison sword
Swung on Hamlet's flesh
Drinking hot blood
Until his death

Words of fiction
In the pale to reality
Death becomes of all
Despite fiction's motif

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