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Help me!

I am Dakotah Jackson and I am a frustrated atheist.I have to explain my situation to you all.I was raised in Memphis,Tn.My parents are not religious,so I never learned religion.I have went to church 6 times in my life.I was about 12 when I attended church for the last time.I never had bought into it and had never said anything during a prayer.I asked a preacher if my Jewish friend was going to hell,he said yes,and that is when I determined for myself that religion is ridiculous.So I stay away from religion,I lived in the inner city,so it was relatively easy to stay away from.I had the chance to learn science without the interference of religion to blur it as being not real due to contradictory statements of my religion.So long story short,I got a proper education,I am an atheist,I know how the world works.

I am 17 years old and my family moves to Rose Bud,Tn.Rose Bud has a population of 429.They all go to the same church.They look at me as if I am less than human.I simply feel sorry for them,they are so scared of even thinking about the world that they say hateful things to me to cover up there own insecurities.Their science teacher does not believe in evolution.Like it is up for debate,and is not a fact.Basically,I am saying it is so relieving to have found this website.I am the only atheist in a small fundamental christian town,which gets really annoying,and quite depressing about how religion has affected society.Religion is scary.

Btw,I was so afraid of not getting a proper education that I dropped out,and I got the information I need through the internet and books.I got my GED and a full paid scholarship to ASU-Morrilton.I am broke right now but I have to get out of this opressing town and do my part in advancing the human civilization.Basically,Hello everybody,let's make free thinking and the sharing of ideas the norm.

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Let me guess.  You have

Let me guess.  You have already outed yourself publicly, haven't you?  If you haven't, then by all means feel free not to.  It is not like there is some law that says that you have to.  However, if you have, then you have to work from that point.

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JoemailmanYou're 17 years


You're 17 years old and stuck? You must be kidding. Use your internet. Leave town. I know you must love your parents but really now, there's no future for you in a small town like that. The military is a last resort but every mid-sized to large city has opportunities. You might start by visiting Austin where there is a large Atheist community and even a broadcast cable TV program. There are a thousand options open for you. I remember kids in the 60's and 70's who left home with their thumb in the road looking to get away from their oppressive parents and life. Most made out OK. Just be careful and don't trust anyone fully. Operative word here is "fully".

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Congratulations on your full

Congratulations on your full ride to ASU-Morrilton. I couldn't find it on collegeboard though; is it a good university? Any decent university will have ample job opportunities and countless intelligent individuals you can talk to, so once you can get away from that "village," you'll be free to contribute to humanity.

Until then, we'll always be here.

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Dakotah wrote:I am broke

Dakotah wrote:
I am broke right now but I have to get out of this opressing town and do my part in advancing the human civilization.Basically,Hello everybody,let's make free thinking and the sharing of ideas the norm.

It's a noble cause, advancing the human civilization, but you may want to get yourself un-oppressed first! College sounds like a good first step.

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I would have some fun with

I would have some fun with it. If they are going to force you to be Christian, then be the most annoying Christian you can possible be. Here's some ideas.

In the middle of church service, start speaking in tounges and claim the holy spirt entered you.

Next week, pretend Satan has entered you.

Run around laying your hands on people to heal them.

Insist the that the familiy have a long prayer of thanks before dinner, keep praying until the tell you to shut up.

Run around saying all the time "Get behind me Satan" and "Praise Jesus".

Start a rapture preparedness program for all your family and friends.

In stort just give them their own medicine and be the most annoying hard core Christian you can possible be until they are happy to see you turn atheist.

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