Gary Condit and Nancy Grace.

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Gary Condit and Nancy Grace.

8 years after the murder of Chandra Levy, a suspect is about to be charged. BUT, no thanks to the armchair, presumption of guilt, Jerry Springer media, Gary Condit unduely suffered at the likes of people like Nancy Grace.

An illegal immigrant is now being charged and had been identified as the attacker of two women in that same park where Levy was murdered.

SO, FUCK NANCY GRACE, people like her will get innocent people hurt or convicted all in the interest of getting ratings.

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He should have a whole

He should have a whole shitload of lawsuits to file then, eh?

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At the risk of sounding like

At the risk of sounding like an angry atheist: Nancy Grace is a fucking cunt. I kinda hope she gets sued and loses her show.

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