Bart Simpson's a scientologist?!

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Bart Simpson's a scientologist?!

 Ok... score one for sensationalist headlines.  Bart's not a scientologist.  However, Nancy Cartwright apparently is, and according to the New Humanist Blog, she's taking some heat from the brass at FAUX.  

In lending her voice to "robocalls" promoting a Scientology event (I suppose we'd just call them "automated calls" in Britain, but I like the way that name evokes memories of robot renegade cops), Cartwright briefly plays the legendary yellow tearaway, saying:

"What's happening man, this is Bart Simpson [laughs] ... Just kidding. Don't hang up. This is Nancy Cartwright and this is a very special phone call to you. I'm now auditing on New OT VII and have been asked to speak at the Flag World Tour Event on January 31st in the Grand Ballroom, Hollywood and Highland Centre . . . It's going to be a blast man [laughs] ... See you there man!"

Fox commented by saying:
"The Simpsons does not, and never has, endorsed any religion, philosophy or system of beliefs any more profound than Butterfinger bars."


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Wonder how much she had to

Wonder how much she had to pay to get that speaking engagement.

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Wonder how much she had to

double post

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Not many people seem to know

Not many people seem to know that Nancy Cartwright is a scientologist. I was disappointed to find out because I used to really like The Simpsons and now I can't listen to Bart without wincing.

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jcgadfly wrote:Wonder how

jcgadfly wrote:

Wonder how much she had to pay to get that speaking engagement.

Ten million.  That's the size of her fee that promoted her to thetan level 7 and scored her said engagement.

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I nearly cried when i heard

I nearly cried when i heard about bart being a scientology puppet.  He was ment to push butterfingers, not crazy speak!! 

Barts new catch phrases:

"Dont have a cow....that you didnt pay the church $10,000,000 for."

"Eat my well audited shorts.  Then get an audit!"


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That's alright, she only

That's alright, she only reads the lines.
Now all Fox have to do is making an episode titled "Trapped in the Closet"...

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Meh. I don't see what all

Meh. I don't see what all the fuss is about. People try a little too hard to link characters with the actors who play them sometimes.

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