Atheology Argument

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Atheology Argument


  I have been thinking of possible thesis topics for my Master's degree. It's a few years or so away and right now, I am trying to tie whatever loose ends are needed to start taking classes in January. Nevertheless, I am thinking about the thesis topics that I can do. So far, I have considered writing a thesis on William Lane Craig's cosmological argument, maybe a thesis on the design argument of Michael Behe ( his so-called "irreducible complexity" argument), and even a possible thesis on presuppositional apologetics. I am also thinking of doing an thesis on atheology, possibly exploring an argument against divine beings.

  One of my favorite atheological arguments is one involving the logical incoherency of "God" by arguing that two or more attributes that "God" is said to possess are contradictory and, therefore, God cannot exist. I want to explore this topic in greater detail in graduate school and maybe I ought to do this for my M.A. thesis. However, there is one argument in particular that I have read about that I find fascinating. There was one atheist who debated Craig and his argument was about the logical incoherency of God. I don't recall exactly what this atheist argued so I have to improvise by paraphrasing it the best I can:

 1.) God is supposed to be unchanging

 2.) If God is the creator of the universe, he wasn't the creator before the universe existed as there was nothing in existence besides himself,

 3.) God became the creator of the universe when the universe came into existence,

 4.) This indicates a change in the nature and essence of God and, therefore, God's nature changed

 5.) 1 contradicts 4, and so therefore God doesn't exist

 I don't recall who it is who argued this against Craig nor do I recall Craig's rebuttal. I went to the Secular Web and tried to find debate transcripts of atheists who have debated Craig but I didn't find the one I was looking for. Does anyone know of this debate and the name of the atheist who argued this against Craig?