Kentucky Dept. of Homeland Securty has theism as primary duty

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Kentucky Dept. of Homeland Securty has theism as primary duty

Kentucky has lost its mind. It has made its homeland security branch officially theistic. I can only hope that a judge will strike this retarded law down. Some legislator amended Kentucky's homeland security bill and made it a god-first organization. What part of the first amendment is confusing to these people? There comes a point where I just wish that the government would follow the Constitution. I would be glad if all my libertarian fantasies never came true; so long as the government strictly followed the Constitution.


State Rep. Tom Riner, a Southern Baptist minister, tucked the God provision into Homeland Security legislation as a floor amendment that lawmakers overwhelmingly approved two years ago.

As amended, Homeland Security's religious duties now come before all else, including its distribution of millions of dollars in federal grants and its analysis of possible threats.

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