Who says Christians can't have fun?

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Who says Christians can't have fun?

I accidently click an ad on this site and found Christian sex secrets



Just A Taste Of What You'll Discover...

How to banish premature ejaculation. Discover the simple, easy and fast techniques for complete control of your erections and orgasms. After discovering these natural (yet powerful) techniques, you will never again have to apologize to your wife...at least not in bed!

How to eliminate "quick" erections. Gain the confidence and peace of mind that you can only get from knowing that you are capable of maintaining your erections...indefinitely. Discover exactly how to determine where, when and how you orgasm...not a single second before you desire.

How to become a multi-orgasmic male. It is a little-known fact that most men have the ability to have multiple orgasms within a relatively short period of time...no matter your age. I reveal the exact, step-by-step techniques that allow you to always feel "ready to go." You will never again have difficulty keeping up with your wife...orgasm after orgasm.

How to increase the duration of your orgasms. Did you know that the average duration of the male orgasm is less than ten seconds? When you discover the physiological secrets to increasing the duration of your orgasms, you will double or triple the duration of your orgasms. You will experience orgasms that last up to...60 seconds!

How to supercharge the pleasure and intensity of your orgasms. Don't settle for "ordinary" pleasure or orgasms. Experience the earth-shaking, mind-blowing and body-refreshing sensations "whole body" orgasms produce.

How to maximize the hardness of your erections. Nothing will make you feel more "like a man" than being able to maintain long-lasting, rock-hard erections. You will be amazed at how easily you produce rock-hard erection...and your wife will be thrilled!

How to increase the length of your penis. You don't need pills, creams or pumps. You do need to know the anatomical and physiological secrets that will maximize "the real length" of your penis. I don't guarantee that you will add 6 inches in length. I do guarantee you will add enough length that...she will notice!

How to produce a completely different and little-known type of orgasm. Some men describe this type of orgasm as more intense than any other. Most men don't realize that this type of orgasm even exists. It is your "secret weapon" for instantly increasing your sexual stamina and power to impress your wife in bed!

How to discover  and develop the "sex muscle" that is the key to unlocking your sexual potential. If you don't already know about this "sex muscle," you are absolutely killing your chances at becoming sexually proficient. And, you are missing out on "boat loads" of sexual sensation and pleasure. You can't work on this muscle in the gym, but you will discover the step-by-step methods to strengthen this muscle... and improve your sex life...practically overnight.

 How to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms. Why would you want to do this? These types of orgasms are more intense than ordinary (ejaculatory) orgasms. More importantly, this type orgasm will allow you to experience multiple, consecutive orgasms...while maintaining a single erection!

The intense pleasures of "The Male G Spot." When you experience the intense, overwhelming and addictive sexual sensations that your "Male G Spot" provides you...you will never again be content with average, "every day" sex. Discovering how to stimulate your "Male G Spot" will blow open the doors of your sexual possibilities!

How to make yourself more sexually attractive to your wife. We have interviewed thousands of Christian wives and asked them why they are (or aren't) sexually attracted to their husbands. Their answers surprised us...and will surprise you. Fortunately, you are 100% capable of taking advantage of what they told us. You do not need to be any wealthier, thinner or smarter - you do need to be willing to make a few small changes to how you approach sex and your wife.

How to unlock the flood gates of your wife's deepest sexual needs and desires. It may sound "politically incorrect," but men and women are different...especially when it comes to sex. When you understand your wife's deepest sexual needs and desires, you will possess the key to unleashing her sexual interest and passion. Be prepared to deal with her initiating sex!

How to uncover your wife's hidden sexual desires and willingness to try "new things." You will understand the mental and emotional obstacles that are "holding her back" and you will know exactly how to overcome these obstacles. Although the "psychological triggers" I reveal are powerful... they are not manipulative, sneaky or immoral...in any way. She will be doing only what she deeply desires to do, sexually...you will only help her to uncover these desires.

Know more about her sexual pleasure than she knows. In a recent national survey, only 25% of women claimed to be sexually satisfied and fulfilled. A fundamental cause of this high level of dissatisfaction is that most women do not know even the basic science behind female sexual response and satisfaction. You will know more than she does about this science and you will help her to achieve multiple, intense orgasms and complete sexual satisfaction.

How to Find and stimulate her G Spot - The "G Spot" is real. It is now a scientifically accepted fact. You will discover exactly how to locate and stimulate her G-Spot. You will help her to experience "G Spot Orgasms"... a completely different type of orgasm...a deeper, more intense and "whole body" orgasm!

How to be an expert at oral sex - Women love to receive oral sex. Your wife will love and appreciate you in a new way when you bring her to multiple, intense orgasms... orally.

Discover: the #1 sexual activity that women secretly desire. There is one type of sexual activity that your wife secretly desires...but is afraid to tell you about. When you surprise her by fulfilling this desire, she will be grateful beyond words.

Ensure that you avoid the "Five Fundamental Mistakes of Female Stimulation". Your wife is capable of achieving multiple orgasms during a lovemaking session. If she is not, you are making one (or more) of these mistakes. You will never again make one of these mistakes.

How to create the relationship and environment that will unleash her desire frequent sex. Most sexual problems have nothing to do with sex...they are relationship problems. Before you can achieve any progress in bed, you need to know how to create the type of relationship and sexual environment that will, naturally, unleash her desire for more frequent sex. You will know exactly how to create this perfect environment and you will double or triple the frequency of sex in your marriage...virtually overnight.

Discover "The Perfect Sex Position" that guarantees mutual and simultaneous orgasms. This is the scientifically designed, "best" position for providing her with the greatest pleasure during intercourse. This position provide both of you multiple and  simultaneous orgasms during intercourse.

Discover what God really says about sex. When writing this book, I did not just consult with the scientific and "sexual therapy" experts. I did an exhaustive study of every single reference that Scripture makes to sex within marriage. I reveal the results of this research in this book and you will be surprised at what I found.

Discover what Scripture says about sexual variety. Have you ever wondered what Scripture says (or doesn't say) about certain sex acts such as oral sex, anal sex or sex toys? I reveal to you the truth about sexual variety within Christian marriage.

Discover the surprising fact about masturbation that most Christians (including Pastors) don't know. Most Christians (including pastors) don't know the real facts about what Scripture says about masturbation. You will discover the truth.

Discover why God hates "sexless marriages." According to Scripture, the primary purpose of marriage is not to have children...the primary purpose of marriage is to provide a "God blessed" environment in which you can express your God-given sexuality. You will discover the comfort that only comes from knowing that God intended sex for your pleasure, enjoyment and fun...not just to "multiply." If you (or your wife) are making excuses for your current lack of sex...you MUST read this part of my book.

And, there is much more...



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Here's one for the Christian

Here's one for the Christian wives



Just some of the issues that this book addresses...

Why sex is God's greatest gift to the Christian married couple.

Why your mind is your most important sexual organ. And, how to use your thoughts to increase your anticipation and excitement levels.

Basic and advanced female anatomy and sexual response secrets. You will learn everything that you must know to experience frequent, intense and multiple climaxes. I guarantee that you will learn things about your sexual potential that no one has ever told you!

The "magic key" to your sexual pleasure and potential. Within days, you will be able to use this "key" to immediately begin to feel sexual sensations and pleasures like never before.

How to help your husband to become you dream lover. Whether your husband is struggling with premature climax or impotence, you will find effective strategies to sensitively and quickly help him to overcome these difficult problems.

How to become a "sexual explorer," while always pleasing God.

How to create the environment and circumstances within your marriage that will allow you to finally experience the most intense, fulfilling and marriage-building sex ever.

Why your sexual dissatisfaction and frustration is, most likely, NOT a physical or serious psychological issue- and the five things you MUST do to quickly and easily jump start your married love life.

Both you and your husband will be capable of multiple (and simultaneous) climaxes in a single evening.

You will learn how to help your husband to avoid premature climax, almost indefinitely.

Utilize great sex to improve the communication and "fun level" in your marriage.

What the Bible says to those women that are struggling in, essentially, sexless marriages.

Why your current lack of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment is, most likely, NOT your fault!

The most important secret to becoming orgasmic- 67% of women do not know this secret!

The secrets to making your husband desire sex more frequently.

The one thing you must NEVER do, if your husband is struggling with impotence.

A type of orgasm that many women say is more intense than any other.

You will learn about the "sex muscle" that you absolutely MUST develop to become sexually satisfied. Although you can't work on this muscle in the gym, you will learn the exercises that will, literally, change your sex life overnight.

You will gain the ability to have deeper, longer and more intense "whole body" orgasms.

How better (and more frequent) sex can improve the odds that your marriage will last forever.

What does the Bible really says (and doesn't say) about sexual variety such as anal and oral sex.

The number one sexual misconception that most Christian wives have about their husbands-this will kill your sex life!

How to become a multi-orgasmic female.

The one thing that will dramatically improve your sexual pleasure immediately.

The one thing that 75% of sexually dissatisfied women share in common- and how to fix this problem.

The awful lie that has caused sexual frustration for thousands of women and why you should never believe it!

The truth about your amazing, almost unlimited sexual and orgasmic potential.

How to increase the intensity and duration of your orgasms.

Help your husband to find and stimulate your G-Spot. Yes, it is real. And, yes, you have one! You will learn how to help your husband to locate and stimulate your  G-Spot in ways that will give you sexual sensations more intense than anything you have ever felt before.

You will be able to experience a completely different type of orgasm. 

How to improve your overall marriage through a more exciting sex life!

The “secret sexual practice” that females in primitive cultures knew- and you should too!

The most effective ways to put your husband in the mood- and the ONE THING that you should never try!

The biggest mistakes that most Christian wives make in bed- and how to avoid them.

You will learn all about "The Perfect Sex Position" that guarantees that you and your husband experience simultaneous climaxes.

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Good luck Cpt, may many

Good luck Cpt, may many delightful orgasms be yours. LOL 

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Wow, that's even better than

Wow, that's even better than tantra yoga. The only thing of it I heard of so far, was an orgasm without ejaculation, it saves the shots, literally. Otherwise, most of it sounds too good to be true. Become born again today and find the truth!, right, Cpt? Smiling
By the way, God frowns at Onan's case of coitus interruptus, motivated by greed for dead brother's heritage, not on wasting of sperm as such. In fact, even in the best case, all the sperm except of one is wasted. Someone should explain it to the pastors.

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