Bibleland, turn right at Neverneverland just passed Dreamland

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Bibleland, turn right at Neverneverland just passed Dreamland

This group may find the following of interest.

These are not all the links on my website but they contain links to other articles and one of these days I will put together a summary article with all the links.

Having been interested in science from age seven or so and around 12 or 13 reading Philip Wylie's Generation of Vipers I started on the long road to recovery.

Although a physicist one of my interests has been ancient history, soc.history.ancient newsgroup being my primary outlet another being sci.archaeology. Every few months the believers would appear to preach the historicity of the Old Testament even though completely off topic.

These started as simply dealing with Christians and I had many supporters. One day I branched out to the Old Testament and I found the supporters were actually believers even though they would never be pinned down as to what they believed.

After dealing with them piecemeal I started putting together fixed articles to cut and paste into the newsreader and eventually started collecting them on my website.

The value of dealing with the OT is that both Christianity and Islam, some 2.6 billion believers, have an absolute requirement that the OT be in some degree or in some manner the inspired word of their god.

Strike the root!

Dealing with the OT is the most economical approach to dealing with the two largest religions in the world. Jews are barely 1/2 of 1% of the total and half of them are atheists/agnostics anyway.

I have a disclaimer here. This subject is not my life. The articles are not academic and have the barest hint of references. I do not spend all that much time on these articles. So don't expect an education. Perhaps the best to expect is simply some insight if you have come across theist claims related to this material.

Jews stole the land. The owners want it back. That is all anyone needs to know about Israel. That is all there is to know about Israel.